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The Centaur Horse Club team is a regular participant in the making of films, videos and other types of client events.

The TV series "Passions of Zinaida"

Страсти по зине





TV series "Not a female job"

kino koni 

 Gosha took part in TV series "Not a female job", 2019.


Kodi Professional Cosmetics advertising

Красный конь


 Shootings of an advertising



Shootings in the film “King of Ukraine”

Vasyl Vishivany


Ukrainian-Austrian documentary "King of Ukraine" is about Wilhelm von Habsburg, who was called Vasyl Vishivaniy, 2019




Shootings in the film "My girls"



Our horses took part in the shootings in the film “My girls”. In december 2018 the film finally came out.




The horse in a hall of a restaurant, club or any other buildings

loshad na kovbojskij korporativ

We can bring a horse to a hall of a restaurant, club, shopping mall and exhibition center for any reason. A horse is a competent participant of western and Indian corporate party.


Shootings in the film "Post Traumatic Rhapsody"



The film “Post-Traumatic Rhapsody”, released in 2018, is an epic film drama, filmed by director Pavel Kogut based on a play by Dmitry Korchinsky. 


Video "Ukraine. Born Free"


The video to the 25 anniversary of independence of Ukraine

This video was created by Ukrainian crisis media center in conjunction with the Institute of National Remembrance to the 25 anniversary of independence of Ukraine.

Gosha is in the role of a military Cossack horse


Shootings in the film “Outpost”

Storoshevaya zastava


The premiere of the Ukrainian adventure fantasy "Outpost" took place in December 2016. Dark forces needed a lot of dark horses :) 



Shootings for the Ukrainian music band Dzherela


 Shootings for the Ukrainian music band Dzherela






Cossacks` day in Kiev



Cossacks` day in Kiev


As John Paul Jones in the Cossacks took



Shootings of a video clip of Tina Karol "Zhizn Prodolzhaetsja" - "Life Goes On"



Our horses took part in the shootings of a gypsy tale of Petro Cherniy in the clip of Elena Halizina

loshadi dlja semok klipa


Shootings in the film “So far, so close”

semki koni kiev

If it is necessary our horses can be harnessed to a cart. If it is required to gallop on a field at liberty, our horse will also do it! We managed to do everything for the shootings.



Shootings on the 1+1 channel, New Year commercial videos


Alla Mazur, Andrey Domanski, Lidia Taran, Iuriy Horbunov, Marichka Padalko, Jahn Navoseltsev, Dmitriy Komarov, Katya Osadchaya, Solomia Vitmitskaya and the anchormen of  “Breakfast with 1+1” took part in the shootings of New Year commercial videos on the 1+1 channel.

Every anchorman had his/her New Year story. In every story there was one more special hero – one of our horses as the symbol of 2014.



A fairy wedding with whites unicorns

belyj edinorog na svadbu

A unicorn is a magical creature that looks like a graceful white horse with a straight stranded horn on the head.

It looks really great at the wedding!


The shootings on the 1+1 channel, “Hell’s Kitchen”, the 3rd season



12 series, 20June 2013


A corporate party in Koncha-Zaspa

pokatatsja na loshadi korporativ

Horseback riding is a great idea for any corporate party


Musketeers for any event


If you don’t believe there are real musketeers in Kiev, then we are coming to you!


A real cowboy can come to everywhere riding a horse even to a restaurant


It’s winter, it’s cold. If you want to be a real cowboy riding a horse while the whole company is sitting at the tables inside the building, we can arrange it!


Participation in the stuntmen show “Celtic radiance”


Kiev, 16 November 2012. The stuntman league of Ukraine and the world champions in step-dance of the show-ballet “Narnia” presented a new stunt show “Celtic radiance”.


Our cowboys at the corporate party at the ostrich farm



The story is about how the cowboys went to the ostrich farm.


Shootings in the film “Rzhevsky Against Napoleone”

Rzhevskiy protiv Napoleona

Our horses took part in the shootings with Vladimir Zelenskiy in the film “Rzhevsky Against Napoleone” in autumn 2010 and on 25th January 2012 the film finally came out in Kiev.


The corporate party with the theme “Indians on the warpath”


The corporate party with the theme “Indians on the warpath” was held outdoors as a teambuilding near Kiev, in a beautiful place with a large territory of wild forest and a huge clean lake. There were enough places to locate the horses, Indians, wigwams, a swimming pool and a bar with firewater.


The show of the channel TET “What a father at the TET!/What a mother at the TET! ”


Our throwing knives have taken part in the show too!

The participant of the show took a potential groom’s mother to the date – a test with throwing knives.


One of the corporate parties at Wild West Ranch


We offer the following: welcoming guests, the cowboy show with lasso on horseback, horse riding for participants, archery on horseback.






Shootings for the rock band clip “AntitelA”( “Antibodies”)

fotosessija na loshadi kiev3


Shootings in the TV show “The Dark One Diaries”


On 30th December 2011on the channel TET in the TV show “The Dark One Diaries” came out a series with our horses.


The shooting took place in the night dark forest by the light of lanterns.


Shootings for the project of the STB channel “The Bachelor 2”

Photoshoots horses


Watch us on the STB in the project “The Bachelor 2”! A calling card of a participant Yulia Podgorodetskaia is a video on the forest alley on our horse.


Shootings in the film “The White Guard”


For the shootings of the film “The White Guard” based on the novel of Mikhail Bulgakov the Russian cinematographers (the director Sergey Snezhkin) took more than 30 horses in Kiev. These scenes were made in February 2011 in Pirogovo and on the Sophia Square.


The joust, Mamayeva Sloboda


The international joust “The Cossack Mamai’s saber” took place in Mamayeva Sloboda on 9-11th July 2010. There were such participants as the Norman knights from Sweden under the guidance of the knight Alph Kielstrom (Volfhed) and the sixfold champions of Europe the Italian knights of Cavalery di Arezzo under the guidance of Mario Capachi. The Cossack kurin under the guidance of Oleg Yurchishin and the chambul of Crimean Tatar riders under the guidance of Lenura Bey Useinova represented Ukraine.


The appearance of Santa Claus on Khreshchatyk


The real Santa Claus from Finland visited Kiev on the eve of New Year. Contrary to expectation of kids, he arrived not on the sledge harnessed by deers, but on a charter plane.