Shootings on the 1+1 channel, New Year commercial videos


Alla Mazur, Andrey Domanski, Lidia Taran, Iuriy Horbunov, Marichka Padalko, Jahn Navoseltsev, Dmitriy Komarov, Katya Osadchaya, Solomia Vitmitskaya and the anchormen of  “Breakfast with 1+1” took part in the shootings of New Year commercial videos on the 1+1 channel.

Every anchorman had his/her New Year story. In every story there was one more special hero – one of our horses as the symbol of 2014.





Marichka Padalko turned into Cinderella, Jahn Navoseltsev turned into James Bond and Lidia Taran turned into a magical fairy. Andrey Domanski rode a taxi horse, Iuriy Horbunov turned a toy horse into a real one and for Katya Osadchaya the horse had to wear a hat.

We wish you “to be in the saddle” in 2014 – the year of a horse!


semki-reklamy-s-loshadmi alla-mazur-novogodnjaja-zastavka-11