Participation in the stuntmen show “Celtic radiance”


Kiev, 16 November 2012. The stuntman league of Ukraine and the world champions in step-dance of the show-ballet “Narnia” presented a new stunt show “Celtic radiance”.


The audience saw a saturated stunt program: spectacular battles, close-handed stunt fights, acrobatic stunts, entertaining fire show, pyrotechnic performances and incredible Irish dances of the world champions of the show-ballet “Narnia”. The participants were the stuntmen which, in particular, had been the directors and the stunt performers in such films as “Taras Bulba”, “Napoleone Against Rzhevsky”, “The White Guard”, “The Ballad of Bomber”, “The Return of Mukhtar”, “Jamaica”, “Brother for Brother”, “The Werewolf in Uniform” and “The Hunt for Werewolf”.


The knight fights – on a raven and white horses – impersonated the fight between the dark and good sides.

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