horseback riding

Horse Riding Lessons in Kiev, Ukraine  

Horse riding lessons take place in the countryside near Kiev. This is much better than in an enclosed arena or just in town. You are near the forest with fresh air and you interact with the wonderful and beautiful animals.

Horse riding is recommended for adults and children, especially for those who spend a lot of time sitting at a computer in an office. Horseback riding improves posture, has a positive impact on nervous system, trains all muscle groups, cardiovascular and respiratory systems, contributes to the proper operation of all internal organs and helps to get rid of insomnia and depression. The most important thing is that the communication with a horse gives you positive energy and a good mood.

Horseback riding lessons take place in the countryside near Kiev strictly under the guidance of an instructor. You will have the English-speaking instructor or translator

Horse riding lessons are possible at any season!

We also have Gift Certificates and a block of four or eight lessons.


Many customers of Horse Club Centaur started training after horseback riding at walking pace.


Learning to ride a horse is allowed for children from 12 years old. As per younger children, they will surely remember their birthdays with the horses.


There is no upper age limit for horse riding lessons. Everyone can learn how to ride a horse!


Weight limit for horse riding lessons is 85 kg.


 You can see more photographs from horseback riding lessons in the section "Photo gallery".


The cost of horse riding lessons is in the section "Prices".


If you want to learn to ride a horse it is necessary to make an appointment. We operate year-round!


Horseback riding guarantees you positive energy and pleasure!