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Activities for corporate parties in different style

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vyezd loshadi na korporativ

We offer horses for riding or for spectacular meetings of guests, horses for photo shoots, a horse for the appearance of the head of the company at a restaurant or club, horses for a cowboy show or to participate in a competition, trick riding show. All of these services we have successfully provided to our customers. Our horses are regular participants in the making of films and videos. To find more information and photographs go to the section "Portfolio".

Our team is involved in corporate parties of different styles: cowboy, Indian, Ukrainian and Gypsy version.

For outdoor activities of all participants we offer archery and slingshots, knive and axe throwing and throwing by a lasso bull.

If you wish to organize a Wild West party you can invite our Indians and cowboys.  For sure, they will come with real horses! A very spectacular part at the cowboy and Indian party is a meeting of guests on horseback,  capture of the guests using a lasso, cowboy show with lasso on the ground or on a horse or a show using whips. Guests will also be able to master lasso throwing, get photos with an Indian wigwam and smoke a peace pipe.


 корпоратив-на-природе        gde provesti korporativ       indejskij korporativ kiev opt


Archery is a great  party!

Our team always comes in advance, sets a target - or stand, or a stylish bag with hay, a good solution for a party in cowboy style. An instructor will show how to be safe with archery and, of course, how to hit the target. Everyone wants to try archery, regardless of gender and age.

strelba iz luka kiev        стрельба из лука


If you want to add the thrill to  holidays, knives and axes for throwing would be invaluable!

The knife throwing is a beautiful and exotic spectacle. Knife throwing develops strength, agility, coordination and speed of movement. Do not think that it is interesting for men only. Knives for women are the usual tools, but they do not have an opportunity to throw, so they may even remove the men and having fun throwing knives at a target. The main part is learning the basic principles and having a practice!

metanie nogey kiev  metanie toporov

The program can include archery and throwing a lasso on horseback. Horses are prepared to participate in festivals and cultural events.  

активный корпоратив  Проведение корпоратива на природе

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