Kopachiv, Kyiv Region
9.00 - 18:00

An active birthday party in the countryside near Kiev

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Birthday party

Do you wish to organize a birthday in the countryside to share your party with your friends, to make this day unique and memorable? Would you prefer to bring your children and no one will be bored?

Come to the Horse Club "Centaur", where you will be welcomed by an emcee, who will divide all of you into teams of cowboys and Indians, for example. Then fun team competitions begin.

Choose any kind of outdoor activities for unusual and memorable birthday:


➢ horseback riding thru the forest;

➢ archery;

➢ knive and axe throwing;

➢ lasso throwing;

➢ hitting the mark with an air rifle;

➢ fun games and team competitions

Try your hand with all kinds of weapons, get pleasure from communication with horses and an active leisure in the countryside, walk in the forest and breathe the fresh air. The competition will show who is the most accurate Indian or the most dexterous cowboy.

Horseback riding and positive energetics of the horses will add to your life energy and positive emotions. Everyone will find an appropriate interesting activity for themselves.

Individual one-hour programs for the birthday person:

A Ukrainian version includes slashing, dislodging things with a sabre or spear while riding a horse.

A cowboy version includes a horse riding and cowboy’s master class in archery, air rifle shooting and lasso throwing on the land and on horseback.

The unique program "Three in one". It takes an one hour. The service includes horseback riding for 20 minutes and then 20 minutes assigned each to archery and knife throwing. The program is designed for one or two participants. 

Call or e-mail us to find out the details.  

Activities for corporate parties in different style

 Lasso throwingarchery on horseback

a request
and we will calculate the final price