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Photo shoots with the horses in the nature

from 650 грн
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Верхова їзда фотоWe offer the unique possibility of a photo shoot with the horses in the countryside.

We offer a photo shoot in the beautiful countryside. We can also come to another territory. Wearing appropriate attire, you can sit on a horse like a lady.

Our horses are safe, quiet and beautiful. It is not necessary to be able to ride a horse for a photo shoot. Moreover, for getting great photographs it is not necessary to saddle a horse, you can be alongside a horse.

There are black and white wedding horses 

Our horses are prepared for a photo shoot in a special way and  have experience in filming, making clips and telecasts.

We provide the trained horses with experienced instructors. You can come with your own photographer, but please note that photo shoot with the horses has its own points. It requires special photography skills and understanding of the importance of the angle when shooting. We can recommend the equestrian photographers, whose specialization are horses and people. 

To find more photographs go to the section "Photo gallery".

All pictures on our website are with our horses. Do you wish to see the horses and the territory by your own? You are welcome!

Are there some interesting ideas for the photo shoot? Let us think how it can be implemented. Photoshoot with horses using flags, swords, sabres, unicorns, and other non-standard attributes, as well as riding bareback should be discussed separately.

a request
and we will calculate the final price